Wellbeing Champions Training Programme
Oct-Nov 2022

Would you like to share your passion for healthy living to improve the wellbeing of your colleagues?

This is the perfect opportunity for employees to step up and develop the core skills to become a Wellbeing Champion.
With these skills you can:

  • assess the wellbeing needs of your workplace
  • develop the most impactful wellbeing strategy
  • clearly communicate the business benefits to stakeholders 
  • learn how to make the best use of your budget 
  • deliver the right wellbeing initiatives at the right time
  • help your colleagues to thrive

This open programme, delivered by the experienced team from Wiser Working, is ideally suited for employees in small and medium-sized businesses, as well as 3rd sector organisations. However, the skills acquired will benefit employees in all types of organisations.  

Attendees will emerge as competent and confident Wellbeing Champions who will make a real difference in their workplaces.

This blended learning programme includes two full days of in-person group learning (in Belfast) and two online half-day sessions. The live learning is complemented by a library of video lessons and materials.  

What Makes This Programme Different?

Our Wellbeing Champion programme is designed specifically to support SMEs and 3rd Sector organisations.
Many of these organisations do not have a full time wellbeing manager.
This is where wellbeing volunteers can step up and make a real difference as wellbeing champions.

The core focus of the programme is to help participants to build their skills and impact in driving the wellbeing agenda.
Participants will acquire the tools, tips and templates needed to fulfil their Wellbeing Champion role with confidence.  


Why wellness is important for retention, productivity and customer satisfaction, and how to do it properly.

Bespoke Approach

All organisations are different. Learn how to create a programme that works for your colleagues.

Practical Application

Assess your needs. Design and develop a wellbeing initiative as part of the course. Measure impact.

Expert Support

Mentoring & coaching to build your confidence. Peer support to keep you motivated & on track. 

Still Not Sure?

If you have questions about whether this is the right programme for you, we would be happy to organise a 20 minute discovery call with you.
Just enter your details below and we will get in touch. 

Next Course Dates

Thursday, 6th October, 2022 (full day, in person) Thursday, 20th October, 2022 (half day, online)  Wednesday 2nd November, 2022 (full day, in person) Thursday, 17th November, 2022 (half day, online)

The full day, in-person workshops will be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland at The Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC), 10 Exchange Street, Belfast, BT1 2NJ.
There are hotel options close to the venue.

Contact us to find out more: info@wiser-working.com

Programme Benefits

Participant Benefits

Develop strategic planning and communication skills. 

Become an internal change-maker and support colleague's wellbeing.

Build your network of like-minded professionals.

Become a internal leader in the organisation's wellbeing strategy.

Business Benefits

Improve wellbeing, engagement and retention.

Reduce health-related absences &  improve productivity.

Develop a positive, sustainable organisational culture. 

 Improve business performance & elevate employer brand.

Course Outcomes

  • Confidence, tools and accountability to build and manage a wellbeing programme.  
  • A deep understanding of what wellbeing really means and its importance to organisational performance. 
  • Ability to communicate the business benefits of wellbeing to your organisation.
  • The skills to influence decision makers and colleagues.
  • Understanding of how to manage a wellbeing budget.
  • Access to a community of fellow wellbeing champions for ongoing support.   
  • Personal growth and leadership development opportunity.  

 "Moy Park has chosen and worked with Wiser Working. Without doubt these sessions have had a hugely positive & life changing impact on many of our leaders who have been able to commit to and sustain both small and significant changes to their lifestyles"  

Nicky Taylor
Head of Talent & Employee Experience, Moy Park Ltd

Programme Content

  • The Fundamentals of Workplace Wellness. An integrated model of workplace wellness and defining your role.
  • Making a Start. How to assess your organisation's needs and use the data in a meaningful way. How to get buy-in from leaders and employees, by having constructive stakeholder consultations.  
  • Building a Vision & Strategy. Creating a compelling vision and designing a workplace wellbeing strategy/programme. Creating a case to obtain the necessary resources and budget.  
  • Setting the Plan in Motion. Rolling out a programme and developing a Communication Strategy. Key skills for building engagement and getting return on investment.  
  • Measuring Success. How to collect meaningful insights, assessing feedback and evolving your wellness strategy.

Each module will be accompanied by practical tasks that will feed into the development of a bespoke wellbeing programme. 


Instalment payment options are available. Please contact us for more information: info@wiser-working.com  

  • Wellbeing Champions Premium
  • £1590

    Group Programme and 1:1 Mentoring

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  • 2 Days of face to face learning
  • 2 X 1/2-day online sessions
  • Support in creating your own workplace wellbeing vision & strategy
  • Video Support Modules
  • 3 Individual (1hr) Mentoring Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you are not satisfied after attending the first day of the training and no longer wish to continue, you will be entitled to a full refund. 

No. The programme is designed to support those who may be passionate about wellbeing but who lack the experience of engaging their colleagues on the topic.
Through this programme you will learn in a supportive environment, and develop the skills and tools you need. Having some experience is also fine, as the programme will challenge you to take your experience to the next level. 

Wellbeing Champions typically volunteer to spend some of their work time to advance the wellbeing agenda. The programme will provide guidance on how to balance this role alongside day to day work responsibilities. 

Participants can contact the course tutors between modules if they require further support. Also, the Premium package option includes 3 one-to-one mentoring sessions to help ensure success.  

The half-day virtual sessions will be recorded and accessible for those participants who cannot attend. The in-person days, however will not be recorded.

About Wiser Working

We help people bring their best selves to work. 

We are a team of executive coaches, trainers, psychologists and wellbeing professionals who are passionate about helping organisations develop and support their workforce.

We specialise in resilience training and wellbeing initiatives that help organisations develop positive cultures and get the best out of their most important resource.

In August 2022, the firm has been shortlisted for 'Best External Consultancy' in the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) Awards. 

UK Tel: +44 20 7164 6426  
IRL Tel: +353 1 437 6646